Network & Telecommunication

Highly virtualized cloud infrastructures made the need for real-time configurations, switch topology data, the ability to trace virtual machines (vms) across physical and virtual resources end-to-end, and the ability to change or remap tenants and vms based on quality of service (qos) and security policies. Network administrators cannot perform these functions instantaneously, nor can they perform these functions in isolation. Integration with external controllers, cloud orchestration or provisioning middleware, and service took weeks to configure, test, and release into production.

Networking nowadays is a salient feature in any business, which requires a specialist like Velocity to implement solutions to increase the performance and improve the productivity, which would escalate the threshold criteria.

From network virtualization and automation to turnkey cloud management platform, Contrail delivers intelligent automation, application security, and always-on reliability. Velocity provides simple and easy cloud-based management to reduce costs and simplify enterprise networks deploying switching and security portfolios. We make the advanced technologies that give organizations the power to connect, solve problems, and capture opportunities. But we also empower people to connect their ideas to the world around them and bring their vision to life. The network is the point where technology and people meet, and what results can be truly amazing.
Velocity can greatly enhance and automate the operations that are associated with these use cases. Integration with an external controller provides the customized intelligence for mapping, connecting, and tracing highly mobile vms, while the distributed protocols within the networking devices provide the best-path data forwarding and network resiliency intelligence across large distributed topologies. The migration to private, public or hybrid clouds is revolutionary in technology, but evolutionary in adoption.

Programming the network for business agility by enabling dynamic workload and workflow integration, scalability and visibility is the real SDN and the core of Software Driven Cloud Networking and is delivered via Velocity. We simplify the programming of the network through a rich development environment built on the best network operating system and with pre-built applications. EOS+ enables a tight integration into cloud stacks, devops, network controllers and application/service workflows. We are available to customize applications, integrate the stack, or develop to complete custom requirements.

Arista EOS+ includes:

Network Telemetry is all about data: generating, collecting, and distributing the data necessary to make well informed network decisions about where problems may be happening, thus ensuring the data is available and easily reachable and indexed so that these hot spots, or problem areas, are rapidly fixed and troubleshooting is simple and quick..
Network virtualization is vital because the network must scale with the number of vms and tenant partitions, as well as the affinity rules that are associated with mobility, adjacency, and resource and security policies The need for collecting and archiving application traffic has become a fundamental compliance requirement within many vertical markets. Financial transactions, healthcare patient interactions, database requests, call recordings, and call center responses are all becoming audited and recorded events. Moreover, cloud operations managers must collect traffic data from within the cloud infrastructure based on customer slas, bandwidth subscription rates, and capacity management.

The network is the ideal place for directing, collecting, filtering, analyzing, and reporting on the majority of these vertical market compliance and SLA management requirements. However, given the volume of traffic, the number of applications and associated vms for each cloud tenant, and the high-speed data rates, it becomes difficult to capture, collect, and archive every packet that flows across the network. This is a classic data overload problem.Network Performance Management makes it easy to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyze what’s happening across your enterprise network environment. With end-to-end visibility and actionable insights, you can quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issues with our NPM.