Audio Visual Solutions

In today’s challenging scenario it is most important for organizations to stay connected, collaborate real time to achieve edge over competition. Video Conferencing plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of communication, improved business productivity and save cost.

Alpha Zone supplies a variety of equipment for a complete audio visual presentation purpose. They are of the best quality in the industry offering excellent performance at a fair cost. We have maintained a large inventory of audio visual products comprising LED Walls, cube walls, Plasma / LCD wall monitors, BARCO ultra-high resolution Projectors, Overhead projectors, Visual presenters, Slide to video converters, Front/ Rear projection screens, Electronic copy boards, vcrs, Cameras, Amplifiers, Mixers, Speakers etc. All our products and accessories can be installed easily & offer uninterrupted service. Apart from all these major equipment, we also supply minor attachments that are vital for better audio visual performance

Our services are not only limited to product supply but we have a well-managed team of experts taking care of all the implementation needs. During shows, events and meetings, our experts are always available to maintain a smooth functioning of our equipment. We provide quality assurance and offer products that are manufactured by reputed companies only.

We have a team of dedicated, technically qualified and experienced staff. The members of the team have gained experience over a period of time and have been instrumental in making many events successful. Our people are trained to pay attention to the smallest details also.

Our aim is to provide complete customer satisfaction that will enable us to serve them for a longer period of time. We have added a lot of new customers and always receive positive feedback from existing clients. We try to improve with every new event, giving something fresh and better to our clients.

This is an inevitable requirement for industries like

✔ Hospitality systems
✔ Distance learning system
✔ Theaters
✔ Stadiums
✔ Convention centers
✔ Conference centers
✔ Museums
✔ Commercial complexes
✔ House of worship

Alpha Zone Solutions understand the critical of AV system for business and our processes are tuned to provide prompt and reliable after sales support through a team of certified engineers. A single contact Center number allows customers to log in their post-sales support requirements. The customer support center takes an immediate feedback from the customer once the call is attended to ensure that customer is fully satisfied.

The invasion of globalization led to mutual exchange of philosophies, culture and more, importantly economies across the world. Trade & commerce grew multifold, products created in the U.S. are being consumed in the middle east, things manufactured in China have a market in Australia and software developed in India, have a great demand in Europe.

Such cross continental business transactions are becoming increasingly common and regular. It is the ease of communication facilities which makes it all the more easier to overcome the time and distance barriers.